Compliance Packs

Comp2We offer industry leading expertise to work with you.

Application packs for authorisation
We offer a full compliance package, presenting you with an FCA grade regulatory business plan, documented compliance policies and procedures and create a monitoring programme.

Completed remediation packs
Complymatic work with you to build your application, produce the correct supporting documentation, for submission or ongoing compliance. FCA applications can take a number of months to process. The authorisation process can be significantly reduced by our FCA application team. Getting this right first time can save you significant time to market. We will work alongside you as an additional point of contact with the FCA.

Compliance maintenance of packs

You are managed by an experienced team of compliance consultants, supported by other technical specialists as required. We provide advice on the key issues your firm is likely to face before, during and after the application process, while maintaining open communication lines with the FCA on your behalf. The FCA are critical of ‘generic’ applications and look for a well thought out, well presented application, and we are here to help you achieve that.