Professional Services

Comp3Save time and reduce regulatory costs

We can help reduce operational costs, but also give you peace of mind. Pressure is immense in the ever-changing regulatory world, and we are here to relieve the load, allowing you to run a streamlined and profitable business.

Our unique service is there to support firms applying to the FCA for authorisation, we offer quality advice and assistance at all stages of the authorisation process. Our Authorisations Team has recent experience in obtaining authorisation for a mixture of firms from, Brokers, Corporate Financiers, Payment Services firms and Electronic Money Institutions.

We manage your regulatory application by setting out a project plan to guiding you through the process and keeping you up to date with all the authorisation process.

Carrying on regulated activities includes the provision and tailoring of all relevant compliance documentation with our expertise and services we provide:
• Assisting you in your completion of application forms
• Regulatory Business Plan
• Preparing individuals for meetings with the FCA
• Advising you on the FCA competency requirements for all staff
• Preparation of financial forecasts and associated capital adequacy calculations Assisting in the completion of the relevant FCA forms
• Providing effective regulatory compliance documentation including Compliance Manual

We work with you to keep you up to date with changes and guide you through FCA application as well as advice to the FCA and post submission liaison with th